Welcome to Hangzhou Greentown Yuhua School

        Hangzhou Greentown Yuhua School is a fully licensed, non-government  (private) school located at 532 Wenyi West Road, Hangzhou, China.

  Since its foundation in 1992, Greentown Yuhua School has been striving to achieve educational excellence by providing quality education to serve the educational needs for the future development of local community. During the past decade, Greentown Yuhua School has won great acclaim due to its unremitting efforts: The High School Entrance Examination achievement has ranked the first of the whole Hangzhou City for six consecutive years. In the past years, the school was  awarded "the Outstanding Non-government School of Zhejiang Province" , and  chosen as " the National Outstanding Private School " by the Ministry of Education.

  Since 2000, Zhejiang Greentown Real Estate Group ( a national Top 2 real estate company in year 2010) has invested more than  1 billion yuan RMB  in the school. And  the school now takes up an area of 16.867 hectares, with the construction area  about 70,000 square meters. The school is a modern institution with a beautifully landscaped environment and first-class facilities.

  1. We have a faculty of 280 and 2400 students. All the teachers have the recognized qualifications and are conscientious  in their work. They are dedicated to the well-being of each student and have an undertaking to provide for the welfare, pastoral care and mentoring of individual students within their classes.

  2. We have a beautiful campus , modern teaching facilities, technology and resources. The school has high-standard on-campus rooms for boarding students, besides it has spacious classrooms, specialized laboratories, a library, lecture halls, auditorium, gymnasium,  etc. We  have a fully computerized management and monitoring system

  3. The Education Philosophy at Greentown Yuhua provides the students both academic and self development educational streams, allowing for full cognitive and social development, meeting the requirements and needs of each individual student. The school motto is “Being Benovelent and Tolerant while seeking the Truth”

  4. Campus Life at Greentown Yuhua is devoted to improving the quality of student's life on campus. Activities include various student societies and clubs , such as tae kwon do, piano, painting, studios and foreign language courses etc.

   **Greentown Ruling Progarm  is one of the newly developed 3G programs(Greentown Gateway to the Globe Program) for the students who have the intention to study overseas. Meanwhile, after three years experience and learning on Yuhua campus , the Year Nine students will go on their high school study  in our sister schools overseas. And it started in the year 2011, and up to now, there are about 150 students all together.