Greentown Ruling Program

A Green Education Gateway for Outstanding Chinese Students

to Enter World Famous Schools


Greentown · Ruling is a green education channel, one of “3G” (Greentown Gateway to the Globe) Programs, jointly founded by Greentown Education Group and high-quality foreign education institutions. In 2011, the school had reached agreements of friendship with a number of schools in America and Britain, so that outstanding graduates can apply to these excellent senior high schools.


l “Three transformations & One Development” International Education and Teaching Philosophy: transformation of learning method from test-orientated  to thinking-based; transformation of thinking model from passive to active; transformation of life skills from dependent to independent; transformation of personality from introversive to confident.


l Small Class Teaching Mode: 25 students each class with an experienced head teacher with an international education background; for foreign language listening and speaking ability courses, the number of students in each class should be kept  under 12 to ensure  enough opportunities for every student to practice


l Special Greentown Course System: It consists of four models, namely Chinese compulsory education required courses, school elective courses, preparatory course for overseas high schools and standardized examination-oriented courses, and emphasizes the cultivation of students’ learning ability and global consciousness. Each summer vacation, students will be provided opportunity to study in a corresponding school in target country for at least four weeks


l Diversified Cultural Exchange Activity: during vacations, let students participate in Model United Nations Program, summer camps to assist adapatation hosted by cooperative schools in foreign countries and exchange student programs with friendly schools to experience the cultural environment of overseas education.